Analytical Biogeochemistry Lab

The Dawson Lab maintains instrumentation for the analysis of environmental and laboratory samples. We routinely collaborate with researchers from other labs and universities. Please reach out if you have an interest in paid sample analysis or collaborative work. (email Dawson lab)

Dionex Ion Chromatography System

Simultaneous anion and cation analysis from natural waters, microbial media, and other experiments

Thermo Trace 1300 and ISQ7000 (GC-MS/FID)

Analysis of organic compounds from environmental and experimental samples with ZB5-ms column or manual headspace gas analysis with Restek 5A PLOT column

Zeiss Axio Imager with ApoTome 

Epifluorescence microscope with filters for DAPI, FITC, and CY3. The Apotome allows for 3 dimensional sectioning and image z-stacking

Picarro Water Isotope Analyzer

δ2H and δ18O measurements of water samples from fresh water to brines. 

Isoprime100 isotope ratio mass spectrometer with Vario Isotope Select and Trace Gas peripherals

Bulk C, N, and S isotope analysis and %abundance in solid samples. C isotope analysis of Carbon Dioxide and Methane. 

Wildco Sediment Coring System 

Hand coring system for lakes and rivers with ~0.5m cores and 5m  extension handle. Some cores pre-drilled for use with rhizon, pore water sampling.